Artificial Insemination with the partner semen (IAC) is totally paid for by the Régie d’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) since August the 5th, 2010, and it will remain so even though Bill C-20 was adopted on November the 10th, 2015. If you are a holder of a valid RAMQ card then you may  already benefit from this free of charge service.




SpermeWho is artificial insemination with the partner’s sperm for?

Artificial insemination with the partner’s sperm is mainly performed for one of the following reasons:

Infertility where at least one fallopian tube is patent:

  1. Infertility where the cause remains unexplained, despite thorough investigation.
  2. Infertility associated with endometriosis.
  3. Mild or moderate male infertility—reduced sperm concentration or motility, but with at least a million motile sperm per millilitre.


Erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction

  1. Partners who cannot have normal sexual relations with their partners (due to a psychogenic cause or partner has paraplegia).


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What exactly does artificial insemination entail?

The male partner produces a sperm sample, at home or at the clinic, into a well identified sterile container. The sperm must be kept at body temperature and delivered to the laboratory within an hour.

Preparation of the sperm (washing) takes about an hour. The technique used by FERTILYS allows for selection of the best sperm for insemination.

The sample is put into a small tube (catheter), which is then inserted into the uterine cavity where the sperm is deposited. This is a simple, usually painless, gynecological examination. The sperm will now have reached the cervix. You can resume your everyday activities without compromising your chances of success.


imageHow to make an appointment

Access to the FERTILYS artificial insemination program usually requires an initial consultation with a physician at Fertilys. If you have already consulted or been referred by a physician, providing a copy of your file along with tests already performed will help accelerate the processing of your case.

To determine the most likely day of ovulation, all patients participating in insemination with their partner’s sperm must

  1. do a test every day during the preovulatory phase to detect the luteinizing hormone (LH) peak. This ovulation predictor test should be done between 6:00 and 6:30 a.m., using the second urine of the day;


  1. make an appointment for a preovulatory pelvic ultrasound by contacting the FERTILYS secretary at 450-934-9146 when their period starts.


The day the ovulation predictor test is positive, patients must contact FERTILYS before 7:00 a.m. and leave a message at 450-934-9146 ext. 218 to schedule an appointment for insemination. Patients whose ovulation is detected by ultrasound will discuss with the physician the most appropriate time for insemination; they then contact the laboratory manager at 450-934-9146 ext. 218 to schedule an appointment for insemination. Out of respect for staff and other patients, we ask couples to make sure they come to the appointment on the right date and at the right time.

One insemination is performed per cycle. An appointment is either scheduled for the same day of the ovulation predictor test, the day after or one to two days after the administration of hcGr (Ovidrel®) depending on the ultrasound. This procedure may be modified by the physician or laboratory to individualize treatment.


What happens next?

On the day of insemination, patients must bring the sperm sample in the container. It should be clearly identified with the couple’s names and RAMQ numbers.

Although the sperm sample can be produced at home, it is very important—especially in winter—to protect it from the cold and to transport it at body temperature (in an armpit, for example). Couples should go to the FERTILYS reception desk with the sperm sample, which they deliver personally to the laboratory manager.

If you have any questions about making an appointment for insemination, please contact FERTILYS at 450-934-9146. If you have any medical questions, please call us at 450-934-9146, ext 294.

We sincerely hope that this information is useful, and that it makes the process easier for you. We welcome any feedback, so we can improve our care. Our mission is to give you the best care and to help you start a family or expand your family.





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