Fertilys is more than happy to announce its partnership with Desjardins to facilitate access to (in vitro Fertilization) IVF financing; thus, helping couples taking the first step towards their family project.  


Fertilys announces a partnership with Desjardins to help infertile couples

logoaccorddHDDesjardins’ Accord D program provides our patients with easier access to loans for in vitro fertilization while they wait for their tax credit, if applicable.

This financing, specifically for infertile couples, is a first in Quebec.


FERTILYS – your free Consulting Service

This new service is available right here at Fertilys. Just call us to get more information or to make an appointment to discuss your different IVF financing options.


The Desjardins’ Accord D and Fertilys IVF financing partnership, it’s perfect for you!

Rapide and flexible financing to realize your family project:

  • Second line of credit on your Desjardins credit card
  • Does not affect credit limit
  • Different interest rate than your actual credit card
  • Fixed interest rate: 13.5%,* based on the loan amount and term
  • Terms available : 3 months to 12 months
  • Payment frequency : monthly
  • Available at Fertilys

If you are a Visa Desjardins credit card holder, you must know that an active Accord D line of credit is already active. The transaction will be carried out just as quickly as if you were using your credit card. If you don’t have a Visa Desjardins card, you can fill out a credit application at the clinic, and we’ll receive an answer within 20 minutes.

 *Interest rates are subject to change without notice.


Why Desjardins?

Because Desjardins is the financial institution the most in line with our mission and values, including:

  • Contributing to the economic and social well-being of people and communities;
  • Educating people about democracy, economics, solidarity, and individual and collective responsibility.



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