At your first visit to FERTILYS, you will be given a comprehensive fertility assessment

We ideally suggest getting these tests done at FERTILYS before your first medical consultation to ensure quick processing of your case. Please contact us on 450-934-9146 for an appointment.

The results of tests performed at Fertilys are available within 5 working days.


The following tests are generally required for women:

  • Blood type, rhesus factor, unexpected antibodies
  • Rubella antibodyPorthole-1
  • Parvovirus B19 antibody (if in contact with children at work)
  • VDRL (syphilis)
  • HIV
  • HBsAg (Hepatitis B)
  • Anti-HCV (Hepatitis C antibodies)
  • CBC (complete blood count)
  • Screening for chlamydia and gonorrhea (urine or endocervical PCR test)
  • FSH, LH, Prolactin and TSH (hormone tests performed between the 1st and 5th day of the menstrual cycle)
  • AMH (additional cost)


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Women with irregular ovulatory cycles (over 35 days) are required to take additional tests to determine the exact cause of infertility.

For men, a semen analysis, ideally done at FERTILYS, are always required. Serologies (VDRL, HBsAg, anti-HCV, HIV) and urine screening for chlamydia and gonorrhoea will also be required.

Pelvic ultrasound and hysterosalpingo(sono)graphy are usually scheduled quite rapidly after your first medical consultation.

Private insurance companies reimburse, in general, the costs for these services.


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