Vivre avec l’infertilité – lorsque l’enfant ne paraît pas [Living with infertility – when a baby doesn’t come] by Susan Bermingham is more than a reference book; it has become a companion and invaluable source of comfort for many couples



Clinical psychologist, infertility consultant

Vivre avec l'infertilitéOne in six couples worldwide have difficulties conceiving a child. However, finding out that you have a fertility problem is a terribly painful moment. Dreams of starting a family are threatened, and a long, torturous journey begins, all at the same time. Spouses put heart and soul into a battle that will wreak havoc on their self-esteem and relationships.

The purpose of this book, which was published in 2012, is to provide keys to dealing with the difficulties of conceiving. It clearly addresses the psychological impacts experienced by infertile couples and suggests ways to cope with them. It also encourages couples not to ignore sensitivities, emotions and obsessions.

The book is also for friends and family and aims to sensitize them to the suffering experienced by infertile couples.

The author, Susan Bermingham, is a clinical psychologist I have known for many years. As a consultant to infertile couples, she has helped to alleviate a lot of suffering. Throughout her career, Susan has participated in various study groups and ethics committees concerned with medically assisted reproduction. She has also given a number of interviews on the subject, in both the print and electronic media.


I personally recommend this book.


Pierre Miron, MD PhD FRCS

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