The couple’s infertility investigation includes a semen analysis, which aims to identify the male factor, male infertility; it is always required




Semen Analysis

spermatozoidIn the semen analysis, a semen sample is sent to a laboratory and analyzed to provide information on the number, movement and shape of the sperm (to assess their ability to reach and fertilize an egg).

The sample, which is obtained by masturbation after abstinence for two to three days, but within five days, must be sent to the laboratory in a sterile container within an hour. It should also be kept at body temperature. If the results are abnormal, a second sample may be required in the following months.

The FERTILYS medical laboratory performs a detailed, computer-assisted semen analysis, which meets the latest and highest standards of the World Health Organization. FERTILYS is actually one of the few Canadian centers participating in an external evaluation program assessing the quality of its semen analyses.


Why Fertilys’ spermogram provides a much more precise diagnosis of your chances of reproduction?

Sperm DNA fragmentation and chromatin decondensation tests

You should know that, unlike other centers, Fertilys integrates readily into its basic semen analysis, systematically and without any additional costs, a sperm DNA integrity test by flow cytometry which measures rates of sperm DNA fragmentation and chromatin decondensation, both providing much more information to advise and treat you better.

In the event of two abnormal semen analyses, further tests may be required, depending on the abnormality identified:

  • Blood tests
    • FSH
    • LH
    • Testosterone
    • Prolactin
    • Estradiol
    • Blood karyotype
    • Screening for Y chromosome microdeletions
  • Testicular and scrotal ultrasound
  • Screening for antisperm antibodies
  • Sperm DNA fragmentation and chromatin decondensation test
  • Screening for sperm in the urine


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If medically indicated, you’ll be given a sterile container, labelled with your name, along with a prescription. The FERTILYS medical laboratory performs this test by appointment only in its own facilities.


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