First, for our success rate

We are very proud of our team, our results, the quality of our care and our facilities on the cutting edge of technology. At Fertilys, your embryos are surrounded by caring, tenderness and delicacy.
Since the beginning of our activity in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Laval, we have achieved in less than two years almost 1000 IVF attempts. Although the success rate may vary according to the age of the woman, on average, 40% of our patients are pregnant by a single embryo transfer. Our results, regarding infertile couples, compare very favorably to normal monthly fertility rate among fertile couples, which is around 20-30%!

Figure 1 shows our results, or the probability of conception by IVF with an embryo transfer. These results confirm that the more you’re young, the better your chances are of conceiving through in vitro fertilization. Hence the importance not to delay to have recourse when the medical indication is asked.

Taux de succès Fertilys.002

Cumulative pregnancy rate within 3 IVF attempts

Within 3 in vitro fertilization attempts, over 80% of couples have a clinical pregnancy at Fertilys (positive fetal heart) with an embryo transfer (Figure 2).Taux de succès Fertilys.001


Success rate per frozen embryo transfer

Our success rates per frozen embryo transfer are also eloquent (Figure 3). As several embryos are usually obtained as a result of a single egg retrieval, many couples can benefit from the subsequent transfer of surplus embryos, increasing their overall chances of conceiving by egg retrieval. Freezing spare embryos often allows the woman to avoid having to undergo again a complex ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval. Frozen embryo transfer is usually performed in Fertilys in a practically natural menstrual cycle (using ovulation oral agents).


Taux de succès Fertilys.003

valeurs FertilysFor the values that drive us and make Fertilys a human-scale clinic

The values that define us reflect who we are, that is to say, guided by the constant search for excellence, the personalization of care, the respect and commitment to our patients and our employees, ethics and innovation.
We sincerely believe that in their daily acts, each member of the clinic fully reflects this philosophy.

By realizing your IVF at Fertilys, you allow us to continue our mission and consolidate the values that drive us.


For the proximity of care,
Fertilys is conveniently located in Laval.

He is the only tertiary center of medical assistance to procreation on the North Shore of Montreal where you can have on-site access to IVF. Thanks to the road network, couples from Laval, Laurentides, Lanaudière, Montreal and even the South Shore of Montreal can easily access our center. Infertile couples from all regions and even elsewhere in Quebec consult us.


Prix DunamisFor the quality of our services and your safety

Our customer satisfaction rate exceeds 94%. We receive many testimonials and patients give us all 5 out of 5 stars on our Facebook page, confirming the importance we attach to accompany you well.

Fertilys is also the proud recipient of the 2015 Dunamis Award in the New Business category. The recent visit of the Conseil Québécois d’Agrément also confirmed the quality of our services, the security of our care and exemplary risk prevention.


For the reasonable price of IVF

Our mission is not to benefit financially from you but to put our expertise at your profit.
Fertilys was founded for you.

That is why we decided, following the abolition of the public IVF program by the Liberal government of Quebec, to offer access to in vitro fertilization at a reasonable cost. You will find the price list on our site.


For our advantageous financing program and free access to our financial advisor

If funding is required for you to access more easily and quickly to IVF treatment, we have identified in Desjardins a Quebec financial institution that joins our values.

The Accord D Desjardins program offers many benefits, such as the best interest rates for infertile couples who need funding to resort to IVF, waiting to be reimbursed their tax credit if they meet the eligibility criteria of the government.

The authorization of the loan by Desjardins is usually done at Fertilys within minutes. Guests also have access to our free on-site financial advisor to guide you and advise you if necessary.


Taux de succès Fertilys.005To increase your chances of having a healthy infant

Multiple pregnancies unnecessarily expose you and your children to risks on your health. However, the multiple pregnancy rate Fertilys is one of the lowest, at only 5% (Figure 5). Although for the large majority of our patients we are transferring only one embryo in accordance with government regulations, we maintain an enviable rate of pregnancy. These data can be explained by the quality of our laboratory conditions. By this unique approach to embryo transfer, more surplus embryos can be frozen and used later to try a forthcoming pregnancy, this without lowering your overall chances of conceiving. In fact, there is more likelihood that you ultimately a healthy child (Figure 6).

Elective ET.001


For our culture of continuous improvement

Fertilys advocates an exhaustive professional recruitment to support the continuous improvement of its results and encourage internal innovation. Thus, since last year our results have continued to improve. Our percentage of embryos which develop in the laboratory to reach the blastocyst stage (more than 100 cells in cell division) on day 5 is on the rise. It is the same for our pregnancy rates (Figures 7 and 8).

Taux de succès Fertilys.008


For our active involvement in the restoration of the public program for assisted reproduction

Finally, throughout the time that will last the privatization of IVF in Quebec, we will need your support so that Fertilys can maintain its mission.

We will continue at your side the fight for an IVF public program one day to be restored by the next government of Quebec. The Parti Québécois has therefore agreed in writing to do so. We believe that all other opposition parties will do the same.

With the growing social concern about human reproduction and the impact of medical infertility that will only increase in the coming years due to industrial pollution, we are convinced that the current government is on the wrong track and that one day, the public program will be restored.



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