Stimulating ovulation

IVF: classic ovarian stimulation

For many years, a long IVF protocol was used to stimulate ovulation (protocol with GnRH agonists). This approach was spread out over several weeks and an average of 10 to 12 eggs were retrieved per treatment cycle. This procedure was complex. To simplify it, gentler versions of ovarian stimulation were developed. Since its founding, Fertilys has therefore preferred to use short, simpler protocols that are less harsh for the patient, thanks to the use of GnRH antagonists. Ovarian stimulation only takes about 10 days now.

Three simplified approaches

IVF with mild ovarian stimulation was proposed by some medical teams, both for women with a low egg reserve and for those who have polycystic ovaries. This procedure consists in administering lower doses of hormones than that used in classic ovarian stimulation. The objective is to retrieve 2 to 7 eggs. IVF in a modified natural cycle consists in administering drugs only to support the final phase of follicle growth and to prevent spontaneous ovulation. The pregnancy rate in a modified natural cycle is slightly lower than that achieved using IVF with the classic technique. The objective is to retrieve at least one egg. It’s possible to achieve IVF in a natural cycle. In this case, no hormones are administered. Ultrasound is used to monitor follicle development. Given its failure rate when it comes to retrieving eggs and fertilization, this method is considered to be ineffective and is rarely used.

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