Since Louise Brown’s birth in 1978, millions of children have been born through IVF




Laboratoire06---1250pxThis major technological breakthrough pioneered by Englishmen Patrick Steptoe, a gynecologist, and Robert Edwards, a biologist, was finally recognized with the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2010.

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Various IVF ovarian stimulation protocols may be considered, and they are usually individualized in accordance with the cause of infertility and the couple’s decision:IVF table.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.001


IVF with regular ovarian stimulation

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The main steps of IVF include:

  • Ovarian stimulation, with gonadotropin injections (FSH/hMG) and a GnRH antagonist, is usually favoured
  • Egg retrieval, generally using endovaginal ultrasound guidance and conscious sedation
  • Fertilization in a laboratory with or without ICSI
  • Embryo transfer.



Concerns about ovarian stimulation, such as its complexity, a too strong ovarian response in 0.4% of cases, possible damage to embryo development and implantation, and a desire to eliminate or substantially reduce the risk of multiple pregnancies have led to a simplification of IVF. It can now be performed with very mild ovarian stimulation.


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