Our difference

We are a clinic that recognizes infertility and wishes to accompany its patients throughout their journey, in trials as in victories.

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    Dr. Miron, a pioneer of assisted reproduction in Québec

    Over the past 30 years, Dr. Pierre Miron has established three in vitro fertilization programs. Not only is he a pioneer of assisted reproduction in Québec, but he is also one of its leading figures. In 2014 he founded the Fertilys reproduction centre in Laval.

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    A human approach in which every patient is unique

    - The team treats us like members of their own family! We’ve formed an attachment with the warm, smiling and attentive staff! - Sandra

    - We very much enjoyed our first meeting with Dr. Miron. We felt we were respected and listened to. They take the time to answer questions and they care about their work. Despite the roller coaster of emotions we’ve experienced due to infertility, we came out of the clinic with confidence. Thank you!   - Michèle

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    A leader in research and innovation

    At Fertilys, we constantly strive to outdo ourselves. We stay abreast of the latest advances in medically assisted reproduction and don’t hesitate to establish innovative protocols ourselves.

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    Our costs are among the lowest and we offer a free financial information service

    We offer services and treatments at a fair price. 

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    Our patients recommend us

    Dr. Miron and his team offer a simply wonderful service. Compared to the clinic where my husband and I went before, we feel much more guided and supported here. (...) We don’t feel that we’re treated like numbers, but like human beings with feelings. If there’s one place you should go for insemination or IVF, it’s Fertilys. - Sarah