Vivre avec l’infertilité – Lorsque l’enfant ne paraît pas (French only)

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This book is intended to provide insights into the difficulties experienced by couples who are trying to conceive. It candidly explores the psychological impacts of infertility on couples and offers ways to deal with the losses. It encourages couples to ask questions freely and not to overlook the feelings, emotions and obsessions experienced by infertile people.

This book is also for people closest to you to raise their awareness about the pain infertile couples feel and help them get past the myths associated with infertility.

Author Susan Bermingham is a clinical psychologist. As a consultant for infertile couples, she has helped many people find relief from suffering. Throughout her career, Susan has been a part of various study groups and ethics committees pertaining to medically assisted procreation. She has also given many interviews on the topic, in both written and electronic media.


Vivre avec l’infertilité – Lorsque l’enfant ne paraît pas (French only)

Author(s): Susan Bermingham

Publication: November 2018

Editor: Bayard Canada

Pages: 195 pages

ISBN: 9782895793397