The answers to your questions


  • I am registered on the Fertilys waiting list but I have not received an email asking me if I wish to continue my parental project at Fertilys in a private setting or transfer my file to another clinic participating in the RAMQ. Where can I find the link to express my choice?

    The email has been sent to all our patients on the waiting list. If you did not receive it:

    1- It may have found itself in your spam folder.

    2- You can find the document to be completed right here: link

  • If I want to transfer my medical file to a clinic that is participating in the public program, will you help me (1)? What are the file copy costs (2)? Will I fall to the bottom of their waiting list (3)?

    1 —It is certain that we will help you! All you have to do is request a copy of your file by emailing info@fertilys.org, indicating to which clinic you wish to have your medical file sent. You will then have to sign a file copy consent. If you have a spouse, he or she must also sign their own consent. The file is then sent to the clinic of your choice.

    2 —Although the law allows clinics to charge patients a fee for a file copy, we have chosen not to charge any file copy fees to our patients.

    3 —Unfortunately we have no control over the criteria for prioritizing files in other clinics and do not know how this one will be scheduled on their waiting list.

  • What does the non-participation of Fertilys in the RAMQ mean?

    This means that physicians who practice at Fertilys cannot bill the fees for insured services to the Régie d’Assurance Maladie du Québec (RAMQ). It is therefore the patient who pays the costs of the services provided without being able to claim reimbursement from the RAMQ afterwards.

Waiting list and waiting times

  • Will there be a waiting list for IVF cycles? And if so, how will you prioritize patients?

    A waiting list is indeed a reality at Fertilys. In any case, our desire is to reduce delays as much as possible while maintaining the quality of care for which Fertilys is renowned for.

    The scheduling of patients who were already on the Fertilys waiting list does not change with the non-participation of Fertilys in the RAMQ.

    In general, once the files are complete, they are prioritized according to the date of consultation. Criteria such as age or a particular medical situation could also influence scheduling.

    Trust us, we have a high sense of ethics and we apply it in every way to the management of the waiting list.

  • What are the current waiting times at Fertilys ?

    Fertilys’ non-participation will certainly have an impact on the delays to get a first consultation and to start an IVF or IUI cycle.

    We are currently identifying patients who wish to pursue their parental project at Fertilys privately and those who wish to have their file transferred to a participating clinic.

    We will soon be able to communicate to you the waiting time for a first consultation as well as for an IVF and IUI cycle.


  • I had a credit at Fertilys due to a previous refund. Does this remain and can I use it on services after January 22, 2022.

    Yes indeed. Non-participation in the RAMQ has no impact on the credits granted to patients.

  • Can Fertilys services be partly covered by the tax credit for the treatment of infertility?

    Yes indeed. If you are eligible, a large part of Fertilys’ services can be partially reimbursed by Revenu Québec when you file your income tax thanks to the tax credit for infertility treatment.

    Here is the link from Revenu Québec which presents the characteristics of the tax credit and which allows you to claim it: “ Tax credit for the treatment of infertility ”.

    You could also benefit from the tax credit for medical expenses: “Tax credit for medical expenses

    Some group insurance plans also reimburse costs incurred as part of fertility treatment.

  • I have been on the waiting list for public IVF for several months and I want to go private at Fertilys. I know that the treatment was prescribed to me, explained to me and that I received the documentation related to IVF. Following the announcement of non-participation, will I have to see the doctor again for consultation and pay fees before going ahead?

    Not at all. If your consultation was carried out in the last 12 months, there is no need to see the doctor again and pay for a consultation.

  • Will I now have to pay for lessons with the nurses, at each stimulation ultrasound? If I call the nurses for a question, is it chargeable?

    No, don’t worry. There is no intention to charge patients every time there is an interaction with Fertilys! The operation that was in place before November 15 remains. For example, in an IVF cycle, teachings, stimulation ultrasounds, calls to nurses, signing of consents among others, are included in the overall fees you pay. You can find the list of our invoiced services and their price right here: https://www.fertilys.org/en/fees/ 

  • What are the costs of an intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycle in a “ private ” setting?

    In addition to the costs related to consultations, medical analysis and the purchase of sperm straws, the lump sum cost for an ultrasound follow-up as part of an IUI is $400. Insemination also costs $400. There may be fees for ancillary services such as ZyMot for example, but these are billed on an ad hoc basis, depending on the doctor’s prescription.

    The cost of a standard IUI cycle is therefore $800.

  • Will the non-participation to the RAMQ lead to an increase in rates?

    The non-participation of Fertilys’ doctors in the RAMQ was done due to external circumstances. Indeed, the amount of subsidy imposed by the government for the technical component (all costs except doctor’s fees) under the public assisted reproduction program is not sufficient to cover our operating costs. This was therefore not done with the objective of increasing our rates.

    Thus, the majority of services will remain at the same amount at which they were billed before November 15, 2021. In full transparency, the only exceptions are:

    The first consultation: these fees were previously covered by the RAMQ, will now be billed at $300 for a couple.
    Follow-up consultations: these fees were previously paid by the RAMQ, will now be billed at $150 for a couple.
    The cycle for a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) whose amount increases from $1950 to $2100 (an increase of $150).

    As always we are committed to maintaining the price of our services at the right price.