The answers to your questions


  • What does the non-participation of Fertilys in the RAMQ mean?

    This means that physicians who practice at Fertilys cannot bill the fees for insured services to the Régie d’Assurance Maladie du Québec (RAMQ). It is therefore the patient who pays the costs of the services provided without being able to claim reimbursement from the RAMQ afterwards.

Waiting list and waiting times

  • What are the current waiting times at Fertilys ?

    We are proud to share that our waiting times are minimal, fast and efficient.

    Your initial consultation appointment can occur as quickly as within a month following the request.  Appointments subsequent to your consultation are available quickly and without waiting.


  • I had a credit at Fertilys due to a previous refund. Does this remain and can I use it on services after January 22, 2022.

    Yes indeed. Non-participation in the RAMQ has no impact on the credits granted to patients.

  • Can Fertilys services be partly covered by the tax credit for the treatment of infertility?

    Yes indeed. If you are eligible, a large part of Fertilys’ services can be partially reimbursed by Revenu Québec when you file your income tax thanks to the tax credit for infertility treatment.

    Here is the link from Revenu Québec which presents the characteristics of the tax credit and which allows you to claim it: “ Tax credit for the treatment of infertility ”.

    You could also benefit from the tax credit for medical expenses: “Tax credit for medical expenses

    Some group insurance plans also reimburse costs incurred as part of fertility treatment.