Female fertility check-up

Fertility check-up

Starting the process of fertility testing stirs up a lot of emotions. In order to reduce your stress as you embark on this path, here is an overview of the diagnostic tests and exams included in your fertility check-up.

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Data collection

The investigation begins with the most simple methods, which allow us to detect and correct any ovulatory disorders caused by a hormone imbalance.

  • Menstruation history: In most women who ovulate normally, the menstrual cycle is relatively regular, lasting 25 to 35 days.
  • Basal body temperature (BBT): Taking the woman’s temperature in the morning before she gets up is an easy and inexpensive way to confirm whether she is ovulating. The BBT chart could confirm ovulation or identify certain phases of the cycle that are too short.
  • Basic blood test: These blood tests establish the blood group and rhesus status, your immunity to German measles, provide the complete blood count (RBC, WBC, platelets, etc.), and screen for syphilis, HIV and hepatitis B and C.
  • Hormonal profile: A blood test measures the levels of various hormones responsible for ovarian function (FSH, LH, prolactin, TSH and AMH).
  • Urinalysis: This is used to screen for Chlamydia and gonorrhoea.
  • Additional tests: In women whose ovulation cycles are too long (over 35 days), other tests may sometimes be required, such as certain androgen levels (testosterone, DHEA-S, 17-hydroxyprogesterone).
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Examining organs using medical imaging

When the initial analyses did not reveal anything abnormal, the reproductive organs need to be examined. These tests, however, are more invasive and can be more uncomfortable.

Despite the identification of causes that may sometimes seem overwhelming, it’s important to stay optimistic and hopeful. Female infertility is a medical problem that is increasingly better understood and that may be, in most cases, overcome due to progress made in reproductive medicine.

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