Patients in remote areas

Fertilys expertise is accessible

You live more than 150 km outside the metropolitan region and would like to benefit from the expertise of the team at the Fertilys clinic. Well you can!

Do you live more than 150 km from the clinic?

We would be pleased to provide you with services adapted to your geographic reality by condensing the appointments and, if possible, calling on healthcare professionals in your region.

  • First, contact our intake team to make an appointment. Indicate that you live outside the region.
  • We will send you the documentation by email. The documents include requests for blood work to be done in your region, information pamphlets describing the exams that you will undergo at your initial consultation.
  • A nurse will contact you to answer your questions and send you extra information, if necessary.
  • At your first appointment, you will both meet the doctor; a seminogram and an evaluation of the ovarian reserve will likely be performed.
  • Once these tests are complete, a treatment plan will be created:
    • If the doctor suggests medication, you will receive a prescription that you can get filled by your local pharmacist.
    • In the event you choose artificial insemination or IVF, if an ultrasound is required, you may be able to have it done close to home, if there are any treatment partners in your area. That will considerably reduce your travel time to and from Fertilys.

Patients residing outside Canada

There are no standard procedures in place for patients who reside outside Canada. Contact us by email and we can send you a form to fill out to get a better idea of your infertility history and consent forms. Once we have received the forms, a doctor will review them carefully and set up a videoconference with you. The next steps will be determined after the initial visit.