Dr. Miron and his team

A dedicated team to support you

  • Dr Pierre Miron

    Dr. Pierre Miron is renowned internationally in the field of fertility, reproduction and medically assisted procreation. A visionary, he founded three In Vitro Fertilization programs in Quebec over the past 30 years. Thanks to his private center of human genetics which specializes in the field of reproduction, he has made a unique prenatal screening program for Down’s Syndrome accessible to all pregnant women – a service previously not available in Quebec.

    Dr. Miron has always been actively and publicly involved in helping the cause of infertile couples. He notably helped launch the Quebec Infertility Association (ACIQ).

Medical team

Our medical team is here for you. They will listen, take the time to answer your questions and reassure you. Our specialists place all their skills at your disposal to help you achieve your dream of starting a family.

  • Dre Senem Ates
    Dre Senem Ates
    MD, FRCSC, Fertologue
  • Dr François Bénard
    Dr François Bénard
    MD, Urologist
  • Moncef Benkhalifa
    Moncef Benkhalifa
    PhD, VP Scientific
  • Dre Orchidée Djahangirian
    Dre Orchidée Djahangirian
    MD, Urologist
  • Dre. Vicky Hadid
    Dre. Vicky Hadid
    MD, MSc(HQ), FRCSC, Obstetrician-Gynecologist
  • Dre Valérie To
    Dre Valérie To
    MDCM, FRCSC, Obstetrician-Gynecologist
  • Dre. Cheng Wei Xiao
    Dre. Cheng Wei Xiao
    MD, FRCSC, Fertologue
  • Dr Pierre Miron
    Dr Pierre Miron
    PhD, MD, FRCSC, Fertologue

Reception team

Our reception team is pleased to offer you a friendly and respectful welcome while ensuring strict confidentiality. Our receptionists can answer your questions in order to direct you to the appropriate professionals.

  • Ana Coelho
    Ana Coelho
    Reception's coordinator
  • Chloé Dubuc-Landry
    Chloé Dubuc-Landry
  • Christina Ferreira
    Christina Ferreira
  • Stéphanie Ferreira
    Stéphanie Ferreira
  • Gina Vecchio
    Gina Vecchio
  • Stéphanie Yelle
    Stéphanie Yelle

Nursing team

Besides assisting the doctor, our nursing team is always available to you. Our nurses accompany you throughout your process. They provide you with necessary information about your treatments, answer your questions and offer reassurance. They listen to you in order to understand your concerns and, with you, find solutions that offer peace of mind.

  • Jessica Pesant-Lahaie
    Jessica Pesant-Lahaie
    Head Nurse
  • Vanessa Chouinard
    Vanessa Chouinard
  • Amandine Dubray
    Amandine Dubray
    Clinical nurse
  • Kimberly Fauteux
    Kimberly Fauteux
  • Mélissa Giroux
    Mélissa Giroux
  • Catherine Mallette
    Catherine Mallette
    Clinical nurse
  • Émilie Renaud
    Émilie Renaud
  • Lucie Vézina
    Lucie Vézina
  • Marie-Soleil Lévesque
    Marie-Soleil Lévesque
    Auxiliary nurse
  • Marie-Lyne Martin
    Marie-Lyne Martin
    Auxiliary nurse
  • Andrée-Anne Bouchard
    Andrée-Anne Bouchard
    Medical echography technologist
  • Melissa Firenze Barba
    Melissa Firenze Barba
    Medical secretary
  • Cidgie Parent-Althot
    Cidgie Parent-Althot
    Medical secretary

In vitro fertilization laboratory team (IVF) and Medical biology team

Embryologists play a key role in medically assisted reproduction. They pay careful attention to the development of your embryos, whether during transfer or vitrification. The IVF lab team offers you personalized care to ensure that your in vitro fertilization is flawless. Our medical biology team performs analyses that play an important role in the doctor’s diagnosis. They also are responsible for treatments performed by intrauterine insemination, for example the preparation of semen samples.

  • Marie-Claire Bélanger
    Marie-Claire Bélanger
    PhD, Director of the medical biology laboratory, biochemist
  • Marjorie Disdier
    Marjorie Disdier
    Laboratories coordinator
  • Agathe Bernet
    Agathe Bernet
    Reproductive biologist
  • Véronique Blais
    Véronique Blais
    M.Sc, Embryologist
  • Ghenima Hamiche
    Ghenima Hamiche
  • Diana Noël
    Diana Noël
  • Émilie Truchon
    Émilie Truchon
    TM, Embryologist
  • Maude Lafortune-Dion
    Maude Lafortune-Dion
    Reproductive biologist

Research & development team

From the improvement of laboratory techniques to the clinical application of new scientific knowledge in the field of assisted reproduction, the Research and Development team represents a fundamental part in the innovation of infertility treatments. Our mission is to provide our patients with the latest scientific advances and to develop projects that would make a real difference in the lives of infertile couples.

  • Fabien Joao
    Fabien Joao
    M.Sc, Clinical research associate
  • Cyntia Duval
    Cyntia Duval
    PhD, Reproductive biologist

Administrative team

The administrative team is composed of professionals who, besides making a daily contribution to the organization’s management and development, assist you in the administrative follow-up to your procedure. They will help you, for instance, to understand the tax credit for infertility treatment.

  • Sébastien Témoin
    Sébastien Témoin
    M.B.A, strategy, operational & financial director
  • Roxanne Normandeau
    Roxanne Normandeau
  • Thuc-An Truong
    Thuc-An Truong
    Accounting Technician
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