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    Welcome to Fertilys! Our medical team is dedicated to delivering exceptional care within a professional environment that prioritizes your well-being.

    Our devoted experts will guide you every step of the way, whether it's for medical consultations, specialized procedures, or personalized advice.

    Explore this section to get to know Dr. Miron and his team—highly qualified professionals prepared to provide you with top-notch healthcare.

Our co-founders

We are proud to introduce our two founders, Dr. Pierre Miron and Moncef Ben Khalifa. These two pioneers in the field of infertility founded the Fertilys clinic in 2013 and for over ten years have assisted hundreds of couples in building their families. Dr. Pierre Miron, an international figure in fertility, has established three in vitro fertilization programs in Quebec over the course of 30 years. Committed to supporting infertile couples, he co-founded the Infertility Association of Quebec (ACIQ). Moncef Benkhalifa is a reproductive biologist and cytogeneticist, holding qualifications from the Faculty of Medicine in Clermont-Ferrand. After serving in various roles at the Mérieux Foundation, he established his own R&D laboratory in the field of reproductive medicine and genetics (ATL). In 2013, he co-founded the first assisted reproduction center, Fertilys, with Dr. Pierre Miron.

Our leadership team

Fertilys clinic is led by an exceptional team of dedicated leaders who share a common passion. Dr. Cheng Wei Xiao provides unwavering guidance to our medical team, bringing unmatched expertise to our practice. Marie-Claire Bélanger, a trailblazer in fertility research, conducts groundbreaking studies that empower us to offer the finest treatments to our patients.

Debbie Montjean, in her role as IVF Laboratories Director, maintains rigorous standards for our embryologists, ensuring the utmost quality in their work. Our Chief Nurse, Sophie Leblanc, provides a compassionate and attentive touch to our patients throughout their journey. As the Director of Operations, Marie-Eve Duguay orchestrates the clinic's operations with precision, ensuring efficient coordination.

Chantal Aubé expertly manages our Human Resources department, while Philippe Joanis, Director of Finance, secures the clinic's financial stability. Together, this exceptional team of leaders guides us in our fundamental mission: transforming your dreams of starting a family into a tangible reality.

  • Dre. Cheng Wei Xiao
    Dre. Cheng Wei Xiao
    MD, FRCSC, Fertologue, Gynecologist
  • Marie-Claire Bélanger
    Marie-Claire Bélanger
    PhD, Director of the medical biology laboratories, biochemist
  • Debbie Montjean
    Debbie Montjean
    PhD, IVF Laboratories Director, ESHRE certified senior clinical embryologist
  • Sophie Leblanc
    Sophie Leblanc
    Head Nurse
  • Marie-Eve Duguay
    Marie-Eve Duguay
    Director of Operations
  • Chantal Aubé, CHRP
    Chantal Aubé, CHRP
    M.Sc., Human Resources Partner
  • Philippe Joanis, CPA auditor
    Philippe Joanis, CPA auditor
    Finance Director

Medical team

Our medical team is here for you. They will listen, take the time to answer your questions and reassure you. Our specialists place all their skills at your disposal to help you achieve your dream of starting a family.

Our collaborators

Fertilys takes pride in having exceptional collaborators to assist our patients. Marie-Alexia Allard, a clinical psychologist and member of the Order of Psychologists, has specialized in the field of fertility and perinatology for several years. She supports individuals through the challenges of their parenting journey, providing them with support and a space for reflection throughout their process. Véronique Charbonneau-Lefebvre is a psychologist and a member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec. Specializing in sexual and couples therapy, she provides support to individuals and couples facing challenges related to infertility and its associated treatments. Vanessa Perrone holds two degrees in human nutrition and has nearly 15 years of clinical experience. She is committed to communicating the preventive potential of nutrition and the importance of cultivating a positive relationship with food.

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