Preimplantation genetic tests

Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) is a lab technique that allows us to identify embryos carrying chromosomal abnormalities, the goal being to transfer only healthy embryos, conceived in vitro, in the patient’s uterus.

The PGD may be offered:

  • To older patients
  • To couples with a history of recurrent implantation failures
  • To couples with a history of recurrent unexplained miscarriages
  • In cases of severe male infertility

At Fertilys, we perform a trophectoderm biopsy on the embryo for PGD. This allows us to retrieve a few cells at the blastocyst stage (5-day embryo) for analysis.

Cell samples are then sent to a specialized lab. The results on the chromosomal status of the blastocysts are available after a few days. At that point, it’s possible to choose a healthy embryo and transfer it to the patients uterus.

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