The ethical use of embryonic chronomicroscopy (“Timelapse”) at Fertilys

Incubators using embryonic chronomicroscopy: what are they?

In the field of in vitro fertilization (IVF), an incubator using chronomicroscopy refers to an advanced imaging system that captures and records images or video sequences of developing embryos at regular intervals. This technology allows Fertilys embryologists to continuously monitor embryonic development without disturbing their culture conditions, thus avoiding the need to remove them from the incubator before uterine transfer or freezing. The resulting data provides a detailed perspective on embryo growth and development. Fertilys’ assisted reproductive technology centers, both in Laval and Brossard, are equipped with incubators using embryonic chronomicroscopy.

Advantages of ‘Timelapse” incubators: pregnancy and live birth rates

Although this real-time monitoring method represents a promising advancement in optimizing embryo selection, especially through our ongoing research in artificial intelligence, current scientific data, including randomized controlled trials and meta-analyses, do not conclusively demonstrate the advantages of “Timelapse” incubators over traditional incubators, particularly in terms of pregnancy rates and live births.

An ethical commitment to responsible innovation in assisted reproduction

In this context, Fertilys has decided from the outset not to impose fees for the use of its “Timelapse” incubators. This decision is grounded in ethical, moral, and equity values, especially in the absence of concrete evidence of their direct benefits. This practice of providing free access to “Timelapse” incubators reflects Fertilys’ commitment to responsible innovation in the field of assisted reproduction, where the integration of new technologies is carefully balanced with the need for clinical efficacy validation.

Publish on: May 19 2024 in Fertilité | Fécondation in vitro | In vitro Fertilization | embryology

Dr Pierre Miron
By: Dr Pierre Miron PhD, MD, FRCSC, Fertologue, Gynecologist

Dr. Pierre Miron is renowned internationally in the field of fertility, reproduction and medically assisted procreation. A visionary, he founded three In Vitro Fertilization programs in Quebec over the past 30 years. Thanks to his private center of human genetics which specializes in the field of reproduction, he has made a unique prenatal screening program for Down's Syndrome accessible to all pregnant women - a service previously not available in Quebec.

Dr. Miron has always been actively and publicly involved in helping the cause of infertile couples. He notably helped launch the Quebec Infertility Association (ACIQ).

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